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Ron Zorn President
Mike Rigdon Vice-President

webassets/MikeRigdonGloriaReno2019.JPGBorn in Lancaster, Wisconsin in 1941, I moved to Fort Worth, Texas. Attended junior and senior high school at Laneri High.

Enlisted in the Navy in October 1961, with "Boot Camp" in San Diego. Then serving on the USS Jupiter, AVS-8 from Oct. 1962 till decommissioning her in June of 1964. I also stood watch on the Battleship USS Missouri while it was "moth-balled" at Bremerton, WA. Last tour of duty was with VU-3, a Utility Squadron at North Island NAS, San Diego, until July 1965.
I remained in San Diego rather than return to Texas.

After finishing my BA & MA at SDSU, I taught for 30 years in San Diego high schools, as an Industrial Arts teacher. I retired in 1998 from Kearny High.

After attending the 1996 reunion of the USS Jupiter, I have been historian and Newsletter Editor for the ship now for 24 years. I have hosted 8 Jupiter reunions (3 in SD) across the country. Some of my fondest memories have been meeting many true War Heroes during those ship reunions.

Being an avid photographer, traveling became my retirement specialty, attending 3-5 ship reunions each year, all around the country, as well as overseas trips & cruises. Most memorable was a cruise from Australia to Japan in 2006, seeing the Islands of Admiral Nimitz's Campaign of WW II. Last stop for that cruise was Yokosuka, Japan, where the
USS Jupiter was forward deployed for 14 years.

I have been a volunteer curator aboard the USS Midway CV-41 for 15 years.
The Aircraft Carrier Museum is now a major part of the San Diego waterfront, and a world famous "Flat-Top" destination.

I also volunteer as a Board Member and Treasurer for TVSD (Tierrasanta Village
of San Diego), a Senior Citizen group of 150 who live in Tierrasanta. Also, I am Editor
and photographer for the monthly 8 page "Village Vibes" Newsletter.

Volunteering has been a huge part of my life.
Mike Rigdon

Dave Saunders Secretary
John Dishaw Treasurer
Dan Hauschild Business Manager
Mike Rigdon Newsletter Editor
Ted Waypa Storekeeper
Carole Bryan Website
Lou Turilli Association Membership


Lou Turilli (68-69) served with Herm Chambers aboard the Stoddert and caught wind that he was working on a reunion in early 2005. They corroborated by phone and email during the planning of St. Louis but the fates would not allow them to attend; Turilli's boss was traveling, he had to mind the store and they had White Sox World Series tickets! But they have not missed a reunion since. Carole was dabbling with do-it-yourself websites for her business and offered to throw one together for Herm and the rest is history. Lou & Carole live in a Chicago suburb, have 4 children and 4 grandchildren, a fishing cabin on a beautiful lake in Northern Wisconsin where the retired Lou spends his summers.  Carole is surviving being a "cabin widow" but activly looking for ways to lighten her work load to spend more time up North.

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