USS Benjamin Stoddert DDG-22 & USS Jupiter AVS-8 Association
2017 Tucson, AZ


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Art Hansen & Dave Saunders have attended every reunion since the first in 2005

Motley Crew

USS Jupiter crew

Boothill graveyard at Tombstone


Click here to see Ted Waypa's Tucson pictures


USS Benjamin Stoddert / USS Jupiter Reunion


Tucson, Arizona - September 20 - 23, 2017.

JW Marriott Starr Pass Country Club -- $119

3645 West Star Pass Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85745

Hotel Reservation # 1-877-622-3140 by August 15, 2017




DAY 1 - SEPT 20 Wednesday - REG. & HOSPITALITY: 4 PM - 11 PM

DAY 2 - SEPT 21 Thursday - Tour 1 - 8 AM - Mission & Tubac
DAY 3 - SEPT 22 Friday - Golf & Spa Activities: All Day
  Banquet Buffet: 6:30 - 11 PM
DAY 4 - SEPT 23 Saturday - Tour 2 - Tombstone: 8 AM to 4 PM
  Best of the Old West


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USS Benjamin Stoddert/Jupiter Association
General Business Meeting
Tucson, Arizona

September 20, 2017

Meeting called to order by the Association President Ron Zorn
Recited Pledge of Allegiance

Members of the Executive committee were introduced:
Ron Zorn - President,
Mike Rigdon - Vice President,
John Dishaw - Treasurer,
David Saunders - Secretary

 Association members introduced themselves.

 Ron announced that pictures would be taken Friday before and during the buffet.

Old Business: 

2016 minutes were read and accepted.

Comments on minutes:

Ron asked that we all send Joy inputs/stories for the newsletter

 Comments concerning need to increase membership so we can get more benefits from the hotels. To get certain things from the hotel we have to guarantee to fill a certain number rooms if we fall short we have to pay a penalty. That money comes from dues and other fund raisers.

 Discussion of Providence Reunion:

Providence packages were handed out with a number to make reservations. Check out for more details.
Downtown Tram $4-5
 Cab $30
Room rates - $139
Long Tour - Battleship Row - $90 - August 23
Newport Tour - $50 - August 24

Saturday August 25 is a free day

 Treasurer's report read and accepted:

Copies were provided

 New Business:

Change in timing for choosing locations for future reunions:
Ron wanted to change the planning for reunions to a one year schedule and the vote for 2019 will be voted on in Providence. Approved

 Discussion of election of officers:

Ron and all the officers terms expired as of the 2017 reunion and the incoming officers will be installed at the Providence reunion.
Because the number of attendees at reunions is small the voting for officers will be done through the mail.

 A letter will be sent to all members in good standing (dues paid up to date) asking for nominations for the executive committee with a due by date. After the nominations have been received a ballot will sent out to all members in good standing with a due by date.

 Carole suggested that she put the vote online locking out people who have not paid their dues.

A question was asked about what would happen if the person elected was not in attendance. ????
The comment was made that once the nominations were received a letter would go out informing the nominees and asking if they were willing to serve.
Newsletter will just be a notification heads up.
Association improvement: Ron called on the membership to tell him if they have any suggestions on things he could do to improve the reunion.

 Social Hour:

Ron suggested a social hour in Providence @ $20 this was met with general approval. We need get a fair number of participants to have the event.
Joy highly recommended this so the members could spend more time together.

  Mike Rigdon presented posters of the Jacksonville parade created by his former students.

 John Bassolino spoke about the notes he received from children along the parade route and how that moved him He suggested we engage more directly with the communities we visit. Perhaps visit a VA hospital etc. Establishing a scholarship was also suggested.

 Funding for Adams Museum:

A discussion of Adams Class Museum and the non-arrival of the Adams in Jacksonville was conducted. It was agreed that we should continue to have a link on our website so people could chose to donate in that manner.

 Dues and Membership:

John Bassolino suggested that we increase our dues or at least propose it in the newsletter to see how the membership feels about it.

 From the floor the number of members is the issue not how much we pay. Relating it back to the numbers of people booking rooms and what the hotel give us in return.

People that are active in other reunion organizations said that dues generally run $20 or so.

 It was suggested that we insure that our reunion info be posted in publications such as   

VFW magazine
news papers
Joe Woodward early 80s Benjamin Stoddert facebook page
Also everybody who participates in the reunions need to contact their shipmates.


Hugh Fleet Recognition:
Dan Hauschild prepared a plaque for Hugh Fleet recognizing his contributions to the Navy and our organization.

 Meeting adjourned

David Saunders